Why was the astral world destroyed?
Why did this destruction go unnoticed by the majority of people?
What is the new organisation of the invisible planes?
What is the Age of Aquarius?
What is involution?
What is the origin of suffering?
What are the consequences of the law of cause and effect?
What is the real Identity of Man?
What is conscious knowledge?
What is the conscious present? How can we live with it?
How is spirituality a trap?
How can access to the supramental transform the course of Man's life?


The author sheds light on the great changes of our time triggered by the Age of Aquarius. She transmits the necessary keys to allow people to free themselves from their ’memory baggage’ and to make their Real Self emerge.

After obtaining a master's degree in psychology, Cécilia Caverzan pursued research in psychomotricity and on the foundations of the energies that condition the individual's life. She develops the understanding of the mechanisms of transformation that lead to the Integral Being. By freeing himself from the inscription of his past, Man has the possibility of using all of his conscious mind, of freeing his capacity to generate only his own emotions, of acting freely without exercising any power over others.
She discovers that she has the ability to free people from their unconscious blocks so that they can find the full expression of their potential. Far from any dogma, any spirituality, and driven by a deep respect for the human being as well as for any form of life, Cécilia Caverzan has created her own method and provides consultations.

Date de Parution Septembre 2022
Dépôt Septembre 2022
N°ISBN 978-2-9565020-5-0
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Nombre de pages 160
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Format 23.5x16.8cm
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Par Julie B

This book changed my vision of Life on Earth and on the invisible planes. It brings concrete answers to the questions we all ask ourselves: Who are we really? What is the meaning of our life on Earth? What is the origin of our sufferings and how can we free ourselves from them? The author also talks about the cosmic lie, the Aquarian Age, and the importance of changing the way we look at ourselves and our surroundings in order to safeguard our future and our planet. It is an essential work that deserves to be known by the greatest number of people.

Par Florence

A must have! This book allows us to understand where our suffering comes from. And above all, it gives the keys to free ourselves from them. It highlights an innovative method of understanding ourselves, others and the world we live in. I am grateful to the author for making me aware of my ability to take control of my life.